Enjoy the rape in the Akita Spa

Enjoy the rape in Akita Prefecture.


  1. Ogata village, Akita Prefecture to-Gata polder, Yu “bath
     The outside of the spring, very clean rape field expands.
    Looking at even just enjoy the beauty of rape
    How small children, mini SL is the rape field So runs, doubles the fun.

System of Government Ogata village Springs Recreation Center ( Yu-Gata polder ) official HP

http://www.Ogata.or.jp/sightseeing/kata.html System of Government it ran in in hachirogata polder hot spot information


Map of?? [“water-Gata polder googleMap = name”, Akita Prefecture Minami-Akita-gun Ogata village-North 1-3 [/googleMap]


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