Hot Springs travel spots in Akita Prefecture

温泉イメージTravel to the hot springs open-air bath mizusawa Akita Prefecture is recommended.


  1. Who want to introduce spa travel to Akita Prefecture featured hot springs.

    Is the open-air wind Lu mizusawa semboku City Lake tazawa has a hot springs.
    Water depth of 1 can be very deep bath,

    Become milky white of muddy water.
    There are self-catering facilities, Cookware and tableware

    Has been established.

    It is a hot springs you can enjoy the Spa trip with a difference.
    System of Government for mizusawa Springs home page please click here.
    System of Government access map is here. Akita senboku City Lake tazawa students honai [“mizusawa Springs googleMap = name”,-under Takano 73 -15 [/googleMap]


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