How to check for their

It is for anyone who is skillful-footedness, as you have. Introduce how to easily understand their effect.

1. Stretch the hands horizontally.
  Thumbs stretched thumb and index finger and finger ‘ piece, make a circle. Possible make distant body.
  Look for ones seen focus point of what made the circle of is. Is better to target leaves a position as their present ones.
4. Center of the circle found its target point, working with their hands, bring that point.
5. And, to that point in the center of the circle. じーっと.
6. The つぶります eye either.
7. What happened to the point of the circle?


If nothing changes, then you the つぶります of the opposite eye.
If the eyes isn’t for POPs noted from the circle or circle or after the move.
The eyes do not move from the circle means margin.
If you do not move both or no margin if you move both off from the circle.
Only exists for most people. Please try it once.


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