[Beauty] “key to whiten the skin vitamin C”

Such festivals, barbecues and sea… Summer fun event that is escaping from the blazing sun. Women healthier baked skin would glad that some women might want to keep the whitening from tanned face is up screaming is nasty stuff. However, in the moment of the original white skin, also has Tan skin, vitamin intake well back.

A vitamin at all have any effect?

Is a vitamin that can only begin in addition to skin whitening and vitamin a, blemishes and skin very effectively in, and has firmly taken the stress becomes stronger, also promoting cancer. It is now Japan said exactly what the person become cancer three, and that stress social need vitamins.
Such vitamin C is just intake of more just end up draining is weak and heat, so easily melt water well and ingest is meaningless is not… But what to consume vitamin well?

To effectively and step 2 vitamin intake

Tricks to intake of vitamin well is “200 ml juice and vitamin contained after every meal. Over 1 hour each bite, drink, even eat together, vitamin, vitamin “that is. And slowly drinking, binge drinking is firmly absorbed. Of course the drink goes to buy supplements or can even consume busy Acerola juice, still, that can ingest vitamin effectively already processed, such as good will.

Step 3 eat alignment considerations

Also, while “then take various nutrition dramatically, to eat strawberries, apples, banana meal after trying! “And think it may have a stop, it is uncontrollable. Apple also seems, and at first glance, even banana vitamin-friendly good fruits, apples and bananas has destroy vitamin ingredients. Put the “vinegar”, to destroy those vitamins and ingredients if together to eat, must be disabled.

If you consume a satiety when effective

“When the stomach is free from it can absorb is fasting, vitamin drink is”… Is that like many unfortunately drinking and Acerola juice fasting, so has no effect. Is vitamin c is absorbed that way, but certainly that is quickly absorbed is lasting effects that soon would not be, so.
Recommended for effective intake, intake of “fullness during”, postprandial, then. Because the State slowly absorbing long is the fullness at the intake of vitamin c is optimal. Also use this method, are on the road daily in summer, “the House has been? “And so becomes white skin as asked, who want to keep the try whitening!.


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