[Beauty] improve aromatherapy facial steam, painful symptoms headaches, migraines

Bad condition of the body affected demerit to look. So when the aroma steam appropriates your face skin dampening on Tamotsu, inhaling the ingredients of the essential oils from the nose and mouth do some relaxation in the body. You can improve the symptoms.

This is very simple. 1.
Place first stand steaming hot water into the basin, earning 2-3 drops essential oil. 2.
Have face 30 centimeters away from the water to steam away, went to Lucy head large towels and completely. 3. After increasing breathing 2-3 minutes, the vapor is inhaled from the nose and mouth. Always 閉じましょう the eyes.
Essential oils: recommend headaches, migraines.
-Chamomile, German
Chamomile, Roman
Suite and Marjoram
-Title Lavender
By all means try it


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