Correct way of brushing teeth beautifully

Beautifully teeth, dental health is Basic. But forget the is “gums”. You can protect the correct way of brushing, keep your gums healthy color. Gums is natural and healthy, and what looks beautiful teeth too.

Proper brushing tips

/ Toothbrush is light-at least with Or not clutching a toothbrush in hand ギュっと.
And would hold the toothbrush in hand, strong inadvertently enters the brushing. Let’s have the toothbrush to try just two fingers. Thumb and index finger. Feel like a pinch. Light power control, ‘ too weak? “And much anxiety to become light-minimum holding is one point.
/ Toothbrush bristles are appropriated gums teeth than Superficial stains teeth are falling mouth at ユスグ.
But food stuck between the teeth, to clean the narrow gaps cannot be removed.
Is the image 掻き出す gently, gently narrower tooth gap into thin hair tips. Also tend to forget is the presence of gum.
Then, focusing light hair gum massage. Force moderate course, damage to the skin, hair massage is point at ‘in the body brush wash skin’.
To use the snap of the wrist Power tends to be stronger brushing like shake the whole arm,.
Are the toothbrush, using the snap of the wrist, let us move to wiggle. That hair in not to rub the gum. 当てたら gums, hair gently let vibrate. Even toothpaste foaming put a lubricating effect, because 込めなくて the power of nature and you can move the hair like rubbing the gums.


And they practice correct brushing, gums circulation better.
Better blood circulation and a healthy color returns the gums.
Who had the gums swelling can realize the gums come contracting. Teeth long, gums and bracing, so increases the area for white teeth, makes a sharp impression.
“Teeth (the dirt) they scrape off” of rather than “massage the gums” is important. From the effect appears in 3 days, come the first try.


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