Spa considerations

Spa to enjoy Spa facilities increased, Comodo is careful considerations of bathing, such hot springs.

People’s heart disease

Promote blood circulation and blood pressure temperature rise is to bathe in the hot springs in, more often than not burden would hanging heart of severe heart disease. Is no exception for when the water quality of some positive effects to the heart of the Spa, but severe heart disease requires attention.

Considerations for hot spring for beauty

Hot alkaline constituents contained some drop dead skin cells are activated and slippy, often referred to as hot spring for beauty and from the effect. Moisture divergence violently horny dropped as a side note to enjoy this beautiful water effects for the skin, dry skin in it, and failure to care hot spring for beauty’s case also messed up to be. Skin care is to do absolutely and included skin moisturizer after bathing.

Considerations on sulfur bath

Bathing weak skin of sulfur containing sulphur ingredient amount, admitted as taboo as a separate item. As medical Springs, sulfur demonstrated effective treatment for strong sulfur constituents could weak person’s skin would be adversely affected, if you choose the sulfur is required and also my skin consultation.

Note When you drink

Also indications of effects incorporate hot body as drinking a good body is permitted. However, drinking most of the symptoms of diarrhea is prescribed contraindications and. Ingredients contained in the hot springs, stomach and need for is giving a diuretic effect and intestinal activation, this effect becomes diarrhea when backfire and lead to enhancement of diarrhea, refrain from drinking during diarrhea. This is the same as in normal water.


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