Shaving points

Prevent damage such as skin irritation after shaving the point is.

Razor series

Benefits if you use a razor blade focuses directly, so shaving dark beard but shave points that can be processed securely.
Specifically, it is possible to handle with currently high razor and blade released 5 flutes, four, more deeply, small-time shaving left it. However, on the other hand, shaving is must for easily damaged skin, sensitive.
If you use the razor before first shave apply part wants to shave skin enough warms, razor for shaving, hot or steamed.
Because risk to scratching the razor got stuck in the skin decreases remarkably, you can unfold the skin unnecessarily well to handle only the beard.
There are shaving foam-type bubble comes to shaving products, so sliding good gel is more foam than is recommended.
It is a basic shave slowly down from along the flow of beard shaving as a.
However, depending on the direction of beard shaving so could leave, so if from below onto the carefully shave and.
Let’s shave is a work especially easy to hurt the skin, so wildly not so gentle shave. Between the razor will shave as bearded rapidly accumulate between the blade and blade, and periodically to wash away.

Electric shaver Division

It can be used anywhere where relatively because without water, benefits of electric shaver.
And unfold the skin than the razor so that point is. Probably useful items people busy morning not muffled to the toilet for a long time that good usability.
But fine tuning difficult right-handers compared with razors on the other hand, shaving depending on where you might be ready to leave.
Is also in the structure looked compared to razor to shave.
However, razor and shave available also sold due to a high-performance, recently electric shaver.
However, because leads to severe wear = power shave strong vibration, using lotion and even when you use the electric shaver razor, as well as better. However, let’s and do not use electric shaver-lotion will be causes of failure, always use a special lotion.
Shaving is the shave is contrary to the razor, base.
Perpendicular to the Shaver against the skin, continue to shave and under go against the flow of bearded.
If between shaves and may later ended up shaving skin felt the pain, too pressed Shaver skin. When to pull the skin hands reverse the hands have a shaver and 押し当てなくて you can smoothly shave the beard.

After you finished shaving

Attached to the skin after shave, beard and gels, lotions, washes away clean. And keep skin care lotion and cream, is effective after the skin.


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