How to reduce acne

Can acne in a simple way how to obfuscate


  1. After bathing at cotton (not in the hand is) after cleansing Plenty put lotion ( keep cool in the refrigerator ).
  2. Standard skin cool to do until.
    That stingy on his skin lotion is. Alright, cheap lotion
  3. Can be, if then cotton Pack.
    See the Saeki ~dream’s way. Let しみこま lotion on cotton face to 3 minutes.
  4. Three minutes to put the cream. So greasy by drying out even oily skin cream is good!
  5. Tighten the pores of the face in the ice.
  6. To establish before makeup, skin lotion, from ひやして in the ice surface, Sunscreen… and then movement of the pores to ( seems ) since normalization, become less can acne.


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