Action of scratching method summary

Topic remedies, such as cuts and abrasions

Antiseptic solution is strictly

Disinfectant solution was using when I made cuts and abrasions.
While it was generally disinfect wounds has been responsible for past and antiseptic effect itself has been reviewed recently and not fragrant that is has been found is antiseptic treatment of wounds.
In human cells also kill other microorganisms to this commercial disinfectant solutions, or applied antiseptic when pain is its reaction.
When traumatized disinfectant solution, wash the wound with water, the cure, such as wet therapy in is good.
For more information link.
Effect of moist therapy practiced in the blog here
Also, things like the small abrasions if home without unreasonable because there is a place where you can practice had owed big scratches in accidents, will have the dressing hospitals there



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