Simple stretching stiffness of the neck and shoulders, you can free time!

Is difficult to circulate your PC to work there.
Stiff neck is will be contemporary occupational disease so to speak.
Is this stiff, eliminates in the four-minute stretch.
From only 4 minutes, you can easily work between. If the following has been to eliminate is a stretch.


  1. The straight knee gently open sitting in the Chair and the soles of the feet firmly arrived at the floor, knees bent 90 degrees.
  2. Thumbs into the armpit, and boost your thumb and unplug the power of neck and shoulder.
  3. Open hands right beside the same shoulder height remains, up on the head intact. Unloading while just beside the open hand, partners hand stretched out in front of the body.
  4. Raised hands crossed on the head ago the lightly bent elbow move left and right shoulder. Slowly down the upper right elbow, stretch the left body. Stretch the other side in the same way.
  5. Now turn the hands behind the partners hands in the back. On the backrest of the Chair down upper body ago and so lightly round the back, hands crossed, lengthen the back of the neck and back. Also turns on the face while causing the upper body like a round body,. Repeat this movement several times.
  6. Left elbow, elbow arms stretched out hand on, so 絡ませる right arm, left arm on the right elbow and hands, in front of the face in front of the body and in prayer. Slowly down upper also ago lightly while down ago the face in this State. Opposition to arms to cross hands whose torso ほどいたら, and do the same movement.
  7. Stretch arm diagonally down next to the body, down to head right hand while holding the left ears around. Feeling stretched head and left arm becomes straight, pleasant community side of the neck. Left arm stretched out and move around the right ear, and entire head straight back. Stretch the other side in the same way.
  8. While stretching the arms onto the head up and teamed up once, and I’m from side arms, and in prayer in front of the chest.


This stretch is a brainchild in the Yoga world famous Rodney Yee teacher
Sitting in the desk is loosening the muscles of the shoulders and neck can stretch.
Incidentally difficult to lump shoulders a little from the usual to the
That is to use the Chair comes to PC monitor at eye level height desks, or low.
People and 覗き込もう the PC monitor will stoop to shoulder will be easily absorbed. So can work comfortably little strikes, keep your mind on shoulder.



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