Out to improve the hallux

Outside the hallux and cure it

Tends to be said in general surgery, but no.
Outside the hallux and cure rather than how to improve

We introduce.

※ Being cured while others are so we can try.

Toe movement?? 1.
Please stand with heels and thumb of. 2.

Please do not open a knee standing toe to keep and 5 seconds.
  ※ Is that awareness to tighten the buttocks to note at this time.

※ Body to become unstable if you do what you do while on.

By doing this 10 times each morning and evening, outside the hallux is improved.

Bath up??

Press thumb groin during finger about 50 times daily bath, and draw inside the tip of the thumb is good.

※ Principle is outside it’s tricks and unravel over the power to the opposite side of the hallux.
So I think, isn’t that heal, and to improve the Please, try.


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