In daily life [walking] how to incorporate elements

But would like to exercise, such spare time nor for health,
To think that going to walking out of every slip is cumbersome, and. I also cannot exercise was good.
Is a self-taught without themselves during such Introducing the now walking how.
[When walking up the toe knee stretching out leg ago, awareness as to land on the heel. 】
This just in! You may think, this is (laughs)
Only when the only toilet and while commuting this when going to lunch,, such as when you move a little walking is awareness.
Walking, correct posture waving arms “wide stride” “heel landing” seems a common point landing from the heel, toe and… That care be taken to realize only too close to this element.
And actually consciously and walking stride natural spread Because stoop or slouch toe easily give it stretches back more than usual.
Raise the toe, so before portion of the lower leg muscles are forged from knee Walk gradually became easier.
And walk better, to let walking neatly and wonder,
In what is now fine weekend sneakers Jersey house near Now like walking ^ ^
Everyone should try come so easy!


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