I’ll make various handicraft children.

I’ll make handmade toy children.

Children, I’ll make bags such as handicraft.

How is mother of small children and a good handicraft
 Handmade here made many children’s clothes and bags.
If possible, or embroidery, such as children’s favorite character,
Fallow sewn felt tips, and appliqué
 Can children are willing to use. A handicraft, we’ll love.

Handmade stuffed pleasant.

Mother was making stuffed handicraft in childhood, yourself.
Plush Toy has a sister are two sisters and was a sister is
 Is wanted, was not sold.
Thanks for making stuffed animals like mother very pleased that the
 I remember.
Eventually the sisters had stuffed more than pleasant and
 Cute now. Children, and tips make handicraft, plush, very 可愛がります.


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