Recommended for beginners! Easy knitting

Beginners knitting or knitting a good way to 編めます easily. Just remove the steps are hooked! And things can be arranged, as soon as 編める is recommended.

Materials required

  • Lillian for the knitting
  • Used in Knitting yarn


  1. Provides for the Lillian knitting. ( 100 you can make your own, you can buy, Hitoshi. )
  2. Used in Knitting yarn. ( Lillian thread may sell the wool or embroidery thread is okay. )
  3. Through from underneath the Knitting yarn, hooked yarn into a star swung back and let 1周. ( is five-pin. )
  4. The PIN because thread rests on two, remove the lower thread. I’ll do it all pins.
  5. Detach all also yarn round it and to 1周 and remove the thread below. Repeat until this length.
  6. When the length yarn and pulled off the end of the is completed.
  7. It is cute and Knitting yarn, while 絡ませ beads. And weave nylon string or strap is very fashionable. Click on the hook at the end, makes Choker necklaces and bracelets. Have fun with the arrangements of their own.


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