[Knitting: knitting those Double Hook Afgan needle

Use the Double Hook Afganneedle is the same size attached to both ends.
Crocheted fabrics like you can crochet it is.
Two types of yarn wove alternately.
Because the crocheted solid back, is recommended. If you make a first mobile case is recommended.


  1. ( 2 color good ) two types of yarns and Double Hook Afganneedles.
  2. Making eyes to loosen Spiral Needling the pull ring.
  3. Pull the yarn needle hillback of rot. Repeat accumulate in the needle.
  4. Moderately enough, flipping the crocheted change from the side crochet knitting.
  5. Another thread (2 color eye yarn ) first manual pull-out, From the following pull at 2nd color
  6. The reversal and 1st color second thread reaches 2-3 change repeats of earlier work.

Notes and tips

  • Go to loosen, or prefer a tight finishes nicely.


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