Decoration [basics] an array of rhinestones

div id = “introduction” > Paste in your own Swarovski rhinestones, such as Deco and introduces the basic decoration goods make the array.


The array methods pantomiming straight rhinestone vertically, horizontally and vertically arranged easily even by beginners. Especially perfect for making checks and border pattern.
Paste 1 column immediately line straight rulers, is tricks are neatly arranged.
Characterized by gaps such as diamond can do four square rhinestone tone parts of.

Array to pass each other

Here is the array to fill the surface compared to normal aligned without gaps. Therefore, compared to arrange same inevitably more of rhinestones used area.
However, can work so buried without clearance, more glitter colors and gaps difficult to stand out.
Perfect for making and Argyle pattern as lick border.
After you paste the column, top to fill between the rhinestone lined up two
After eliminating gaps and two on the rhinestone like, pasted below rhinestone Is securely stuffing sequences to clean.


And paste various sized rhinestone randomly as well as an array of neat stuff.
Making random if the gradients and characterized by monotone even difficult to become monotonous. During work interesting and when obsessed with how to think.


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