Deco seminar & event information

I have not tried doing a Deco like experiencing Hey!
And who says Try participating in seminars and events held in various places is?

T. k. Mfg.

It is specializing in accessories with Tokyo.
Workshop other than decoration with Swarovski.
Accessories and handmade workshop, handicraft-related seminar is packed!
↓ more time announced in the blog
I participated the Swarovski elements paste seminar here,
So can choose part insignificant while making work in the shop High degree of freedom is really fun!

Decoration Art Academy

Nagoya and is centered on Kyushu Deco school.

Or go events such as shopping malls and culture school
1 day lesson to have done. 1 day lesson piling Deco and seems a lot of sites Deco.

Sweet Deco branch event professional. “

Kyushu, mainly Deco is going to travel event.
Here is like professional sites Deco.


Is the shop you can order decoration goods.
Conducts a course of スワロデコレーション culture centres in Saitama.


So, can one make works in their own somehow understood difficulty I think or want to make a following if Yu work and images, fun would help continue!



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