Game bought give children

When buying children’s games, relative to what? If you also check the content I’m try to judge rating?.

When buying children’s game, I think there are a lot of thinking and does not affect it is bad or is.
Originally such effects that no game is that it has been proved in the paper’s foreign… ….
However, before buying if it would just like to try to see the age rating??
It is has granted the Corporation intended to play and age rating, suitable for age, the game company.
It is written and CERO games package.
CERO 12 years B target
CERO 15 years C target
D CERO 17 years for Z a CERO 18 years or older only
Is CERO Z except only for, you can purchase itself.
End is metric. CERO Z only, you cannot purchase of less than 18 years of age. CERO Z doesn’t first most noticeable in the home video game consoles … ….
But age isn’t all that helpful,??


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