TV game will negatively impact the children?

Children and TV games are inseparable. But TV game is adversely affected… Many think that is? Is it true?

There are people TV game is adversely affected children mentioned around. I have a weird title, and also is the claim, of course, actually what evidence it has no.
There is no, rather not TV game giving adverse findings. From then, why so eager and TV game villain or speaking, that they know is. From I don’t know, what should also not know from trying to free only.
But the really good at it? Certainly continue the game, playing all the time, no good will.
However, it would scold parents. Is parental neglect rather abandons even give the game as evil mercilessness. Rather, try to show the interest from their children are playing games, but why not. It is understood will be what it has children hooked so also. That is and scolding, pretty good if you play with.
Find other parenting issues and beating children both parents cannot grow. I will and effort to understand.


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