And the expected value of gambling

There exists various gambling, such as pachinko and lottery. I introduce about the expectations of their gambling.

To begin with what is expected?

Expected to come back and expectations in the gambling bets against The is a representation of the amount.
For example, if you bought the rock paper scissors to get 2 times the bet money If the game had the expectation is 100%.
And if you put the 100 yen, 100 yen come back 100 (Bet) x 50% (win probability) x 2 (n) = 100 (expected)
In other words, that and this game is not loss of gambling do not get too The will.
If you even bought a similar game not 1.5 倍し of bets or money
Expectation is 75%, and it does so to gambling Said to be with.
-100 Yen when the come back only 75 Yen 100 (Bet) x 50% (win probability) x 1.5 (n) = 75 (expected)

Expected value of gambling

Below to the expected value of gambling.
85-95%, Pachinko
 85-95% Of slots
 75% Of race
 75 Percent, Keirin
 75 Percent, motorboat
 Approximately 45% of lottery
 -At approximately 52% if ※ キャリーオーバ 50% TOTOBIG
 Approximately 95% of roulette
 Approximately 98% of baccarat -Blackjack 98% ※ basic strategies apply:
TOTOBIG or lottery winnings 300 million yen, 600 million yen and on the other hand seen in dreams, As expected 50 percent, and defeated most people gambling.
While expectations are comparatively high casino games, is likely to enjoy good.
Incidentally film “Las Vegas hanging back つぶせ”, and counting years
Using a technique called, the expectations of Black Jack is about 102%.
Game earn “is true.
However, the current Macau S.A.R. and Las Vegas casino gaming unit Card is all that is so shuffle cannot use this method.


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