Chess beginners break law

Yet you know how to move a chess piece, I don’t know or how good wins against. For such people is beginners who break laws.

Shogi for beginners learning method

Shogi for beginners learning is divided roughly into three. Is order go solve chess “in combat test”.

Arrange the endgame tips

Chess endgame to early, middle and end. Side by side with the station flow really is good.
To Michio Takahashi’s “come home basic strategy” “swing come basic strategy” recommended to. You can also then listed this endgame comes into view image throughout Shogi find in one of their favorite tactics put the shine.

Solving chess tricks

Solving chess.
This is the training for thinking, ability to read. However enough 3-5 hands stuffed in the beginners.
Barons man solved lots of things much better. Also, so in late in the reversals prone beginner chess is, train late in win probability will increase remarkably.

Try the very practical tips

Is not 試さねば learning outcomes in combat test in combat, are also against it or if it not. We use Internet Shogi.
Maybe ( personally prefer a chess club 24 is the tight little beginner ) Don’t forget also defeated always to sum up good points and bad points win.


Repeat this three routine Shogi is the better always. Please luck.



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