How to play Minesweeper

I would explain how to play goofing puzzle enters roughly during the “games” → “all programs” > “start PC” and “Minesweeper”. Once grabbing tricks can be anyone. It is very interesting!

Materials required

  • windows PC
  • Brain


  1. First, start the Minesweeper “game”.
    Beginner felt the wide window is displayed, and click tab in the game.
    Left click somewhere in the bottom pane is the game start.
    In the frame, if you press the mines is game over.
    Well after all other mass, avoiding the mines cleared is! ( ※ There’s tend to become lucky game where there firm solve ways!
    [010] On the left that is buried under the frame of a few things.
    [000] Right on time, and start the game begins to move.
    Middle mark smile is reset.
    Manipulate the mouse only.
    Left click Open the trout. Right click plan your flag to open press. ( will also mark the mines buried.
     Describes the mass display when pressed.
     Like the JAG ball is mine.
     1 1 Mass around (horizontally, also diagonally), meaning that one of the mines buried.
     2, Just like the 2 mass around means that two landmines are buried. 3, 4, 5… It is the same.
  2. So let’s solve? So I do not know at first what is where suitable Let’s click on left.
    Among them, where larger open look so.
    Because mines placed is different every time to keep your mind. ※ Mines the press smile marked ( hit a land mine eyes x to becomes ), again from the beginning.
  3. Large open, let’s focus on one mass. Where 1 trout around I think there is only one mass is.
    So it’s definitely mine, hearty banner by right-clicking. No longer one of mine. [009] Is on the left and I think.
  4. Once the attention flag square.
    Around 1 MAS? other? If part 1 mass around not click Find trout.
    Its mass is absolutely should mines outside.
    Because 1 trout around because mine is one of the mass of another one around the mines should not know? Do you we it know more?
  5. In the same manner and on like 1 trout around the Let’s eliminate the mines.
    2 The mass is the same.
    The two squares around when only two mass is not or, but there is one mine besides only one mass is not always it is mine.
    3 Mass is the same. So hopefully, it can be cleared.
  6. Comfortable with the Basic tab in the game, let’s take intermediate and advanced it.

Notes and tips

  • You stay sharp until the last minute. In the last two miss it or then will cry ( laughs
  • Different from is わかんなく, let’s.
  • Anyway, it is used. Let’s go for it!


Minesweeper is a very simple and interesting game. The time you become familiar with the competing?


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