[Overseas] payment and tip in restaurants

During the meal in restaurants abroad, travel abroad

Chip and payment do?

Easy to introduce.
  [The first]

After meals, please ask Bill.
      Raise your hand to steward.
   Bill (check), please tell

The character to write hand “gesture”.

System of Government if the pay table
   Waiter pass the invoice amount.
   Usually in case service inclusive
   To receive small change coins, as chip

It is customary to leave the dishes.
   System of Government credit cards for
   When paying by credit card and sign Bill
      Chips amount
      ”service 15% charge”
   ”$ 5″

Etc and for entering yourself.

System of government payments and chips
   When the Bill clearly service fee “service charge”
   Pay the amount as follows.

If not explicitly pay separately as a 15% tip.

At the cash register??
   If the service fee not included
   Put the chips only on tape,

Bill goes to the cashier.

Know introduce useful expression end.
     ◯ ( separate checks ) One check, please.

Account ( separate ) together, please.
     ◯ Is service charge included?

Service fee includes?
     ◯ “What’s this charge for?

What is this fee?
     ◯ (credit card, traveler’s check) Can I pay by?

(Credit card, cheque), or you can pay?
     ◯ Keep the charge. Fishing is a chip.


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