And the big five Marathon in the world?

Introducing the world’s big five Marathon.
  ◯ Boston Marathon
  United States Boston, Massachusetts
  It is the oldest history of the tournament is held in April, 1897, from.

Hill’s heart-breaking near the 35 km feature is famous.

Participants is about 20300 people
  [Boston Marathon (1987)]


◯ Chicago Marathon

Chicago, Illinois, u.s.a.
  Held in October and has done since 1976.

Since featuring in most flat course is meeting positive record comes out every year.

Participants was approximately 40000 people
[Gharib vs kenyan Ivuti Chicago Marathon 2007]

◯ ニューヨークシティマラソン [youtube:]

New York, USA
  Is a City Marathon was held on 11 October, 2 million people crowd cheered.

Features is a rich international and ethnic color.

Participants at around 35000 people
[New York Marathon]


◯ Berlin Marathon

Germany Berlin

For courses held in September in the flat and less curve is meeting world records coming out well.

Participants was approximately 40000 people [Try the Berlin Marathon!



◯ London Marathon

United Kingdom London
  Is a marathon held in April, and anyone can join.

Feature is that many runners have to disguise.

Participants at around 35000 people
[American Ryan Hall Finishes 5th in London Marathon]


Summary of??
 And Tokyo Marathon is popular recently in Japan, looking towards the eye International Marathon.
 It is seen in terms of which are meeting to decide the real world?

Decided to feature because each is like.
 Incidentally, interesting one another in the world featuring a marathon of
 Is Hawaii’s Honolulu Marathon. It is said and what is interesting or approximately 6% of the participating runners are Japanese.


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