[Study] tricks for remembering

But I never attended any school, relatively
I feel so often said with good memory. So, introduces the trick when I study was careful with.

“Let’s understand” I think, rather than be so “memorize”

Even so and memorize the words and eras, and so memorize only part of the unit also I soon forget and.
I am not, and so including the word memorize, I tried to try to understand.
For example, when want to remember something important incident was such as social
And what the cause is the incident that happened in that year, what happened? You understood my try to decipher.
When one’s words came as science it to any working? Imagine what are relevant to everyday life of what associates.
And too deeply examines one of the things in time take,
Some try to correlate words and things what their range, Impressions and words and things, natural and long now so could remember.

Though if you are unsure, check the

And when I have a small, hear Word parents understand in the study, Kanji, or
Care had been referred to “dictionary, please check” and every time. Due to its habit is examined, or if you think attached to.
Become adults, is cumbersome, and thought at the time, What you heard from the people than gadget
And I looked better We realize and is well remembered.
Now the difference between the old and easily on the Internet including Wikipedia and Internet Dictionary. Things became scrutinized.
Then, you can easily find out if you are unsure, Contents related to come out so more would be able to remember projecting.


The end, so what you personally feel better studying method may be If the reference?


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