Have been accustomed to listening and hearing of the English game

Was surprised as to intercept the kid had a game, using software that “English” for the first time this useful considerably.

Had studied English for examinations, but it is beyond my 50-year-old, tried the software called “English pickle Nintendo DS3, learn English while playing very fun, can practice English every day find Castor.
And 書きこめる character directly on the screen with a small pen, firstly in the problem statement is clear pronunciation in hearing listening to Bo and the 聞き取ろう sense in listening to. Lighting I though I could up just a little more accurate reading of letters written.
What is speaking in one game shy speaking practice not doing much.
Proficiency test is about, so you know now levels have already risen gradually.


Ever’s game, and it was to fool the use up.

Studying English can easily interesting. Amazon.co.jp widgets


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