Let’s start with English in the comic

I will familiar with English nature and read “Sazae-San” and “peanut” and “Astro”.

Reading first is the “peanuts”. It is famous for Charlie Brown and Snoopy. But this is quite tiring. Bilingual version is because reading books themselves as well as Japan translation, was so I’m not sure what. Part of the phrase of interest and knowledge of Christianity and the Bible is no do not know the meaning.
So the named the eyes is a bilingual “Sazae-San”. This was the right thing. Contents of Japan and elbow to 読めました. And have a friendly punch line too, so four-frame comic, Japan statement also frame configuration on English sentences are easier. English explanation of Japan of unique events, written at the bottom of the page, interesting read. I think missing much allergic to English in this book.
Riding in the tune was purchased on Amazon is there books Edition of “Astro Boy”. Dark I think coming from a place called hose company, Asahi sonorama version is based. I bought the 23 volumes. Already knew the story and the relatively easy English quickly that while I read. Blackjack and fire bird also had other from this Publisher.


Enjoy the familiar English. I think this way is.


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