How to say twisters

Interweaving behavior says the twisters 2. Separate the Twister to say so far

Interweaving behavior says the twisters

Or their wrong where if tongue-twister to say, understand and turn attention there is important. And to what behavior to match the timing of sleep so “going wrong! “That so strongly with the consciousness becomes difficult to mistake.
“This nail is difficult to pull out the nails.”
Good speaking and try to pull out, saying this tongue-twister well, in the part of the “pull through” works fine in the air.
“This set, bamboo stand seated”
“Bamboo stand multiplied by” of the work and put in action part edges.

Separate the Twister to say so far

Where twisters works hard to put that delicate feeling separate and speak well. For example, “spring chansons show” simple, easy to mistake for “SEO” suddenly emerge during repeated Xu oricon Reynolds that sound similar. Minutes separating “Shan new year”, “Sonkyo”, for a series of similar sound is cut off, would be easier to say.
So far only the twisters, however, be easier to say and change like this it to separator. How to understand where things said in this way is time consuming but their error prone practice note there has recommended.
Should be easy to say so separating them with commas
“New ocean/Sonkyo” “Tokyo / patent and license-Bureau”


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