[Travel / travel] precautions when you travel Spain

But not listed in the Guide, and not to mention only a few really important! And tried to summarize the points I think.

Be careful to the siesta

Trip finally arrived on long flights. Accumulate fatigue, no jet lag, early during the individual is unable to act…. I think there are a lot of you have had such experience.
At that time, “and tired and the afternoon good action. “And, here is a note! Is ‘siesta’ at Spain.

And the siesta

And siesta ( Siesta ) in catnap ( NAP ) of Spain words. Or a long NAP permitted Spain francophone social as a lifestyle Center with lunch break (13:00-16:00-standard) is a Word.

( Source: Wikipedia more )

I heard that just ‘siesta’ named, think no less familiar with such fine-grained hours.
However, at siesta time zone when you travel to Spain to realize whether or not, whether an enjoyable day’s travel plans change. Siesta time forgotten “and do activities good afternoon. For more information, and outside the hotel in the afternoon, most shops… was closed. What can happen.

Abolition movement

Also store as some EU integration after the movement to abolish the siesta siesta time to open in major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, still many will close the store. Actually I have shopping in stores in may several times were ushered out by the people of the shop “from siesta shops to close early and” the.
When you travel to Spain might be good and acting a little early morning Hotel spend slowly and daytime.
So, Department stores, museums, etc. are open siesta time time Museum head into siesta time beforehand, such as tours, travel planning, recommended to.


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