Speaking of English learning and shadowing

It is step-by-step guide speaks English and shadowing, I heard.

Shadowing the produces the effect of both speaking and listening.
If you just simply have listening understand Japan words into the English came. So remember the English theory, is effective, such as exam practice is less.
Adults are somewhat think if that wish if thinks so and memorize the English practical work or travel.
Shadowing is a primitive way to speak to what I heard. The grammar and some vocabulary that is needed, not a hard. Junior high school level also okay.
Talking out the expression uses the word relationship or any scene or is gradually understood. NHKWorld is recommended. Hard topical terms, such as news comes out, other regular program is a relatively simple English.
[NHKWorld] http://www3.NHK.or.jp/nhkworld/Japanese/top/index.html


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