For people with speech need to know

Tension is inherent public speaking on important occasions, such as a wedding or conference presentations.
Concerned what people talk and such situation? Rises to great antivirus!

[Preparing] hen (For wedding)

Provides example how wedding here.
(1) Writing paper known only to his bride and groom 1-3 episodes. (2) Inflating it to 200 characters.
(Write concretely) (3) Repeatedly read large aloud within 3 minutes.

[Day Edition]

(1) Over five seconds abdominal breathing, inhale. Then slowly exhale for 10 seconds.
This time again. (B) production in 2 hours before eating. Especially people who can often taking afford time dinner before the speech.
Also, more, taking more pork, chicken, eggs, and milk can be expected. (3) Warm ago the body 30 minutes production.
Drink warm milk, then wipe your face with warm towels. (D) to loiter limbs production before releasing muscle tension, to relax the entire body. You can also release tension in the muscles of the jaw, jaw relaxed, move up and down the left.


Your speech loudly wholeheartedly!
And out loud in a relaxed state, eliminating the tension. Wholeheartedly, speak to the halls of the 掛けましょう to talk to the bride and groom!


If this is applied, the presentation of the work, replace previous episodes as an important point in the presentation. In these methods, rising and pleasant, some strains will fix. Give it a try.



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