[Easy] to learn English.

Released nearly 10 years ago “Is absolute, to study English!
“The book
By chance, buy this way based on the
It is how to devise your own mastered English. Extremely easy to write.

Materials required

  • Simple content translation ※ junior high school level and English on English CD are included
  • ( ones sold in the bookstore ) glossary
  • Note-writing tools
  • One can play English CD portable player, such as ipod ※


  1. Contents of the English, with morning and evening from 10 to 30 minutes
    Please ask again.
    And, somehow knowing words and English meaning
    Listen up will make you feel like 聞き取れ. ※ There are individual differences, takes about 1 to 4 weeks.
  2. When the feeling so 聞き取れ
    Only the English are included,
    English write notes while watching the pronunciation,.
    ※ You absolutely don’t see translation! ※ Keep listening CD will continue.
  3. Extent when can this work
    Without English, listened as written.
    English meaning is the translation also put Examine the words you don’t know dictionaries.
  4. Step 3-again
    Ready image in their conversations, know somehow sentences Check the translation.

Notes and tips

  • Times wrote on English single-mindedly listen English every day.
  • Innocent at first listen, somehow were so meaningful conversations and situations that heard while the image
  • Translation is not seen until the end of the
  • When writing English pronunciation of the contents of the CD image and say while


Do this by a variety of situations
Or do you mean conversation or
Question / answer or do
And somehow you can image.
First of all, their mastered English try intact.
It is not surprising and problems.
Even more so to comprehend English with training
You like to listen.
And we can hopefully examine know every word.
Add last CDs to learn Please, making practical machinery’s breadth.

If you leverage the power of language to a job pasona career


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