Summary of online greeting services [time from now]

Doing [ it ]-with on-line printing service of

New Year’s card

In an on-line service, unlike the New Year’s card actually purchased at a store etc., a design can be customized to oneself liking, or it can insert a photograph, or it not only can choose a favorite thing from various designs, but can put in the address and name of edit of a fixed form sentence, or the sender.
and a house, it is the feature that the photograph and character in which it is difficult to print to be clear can also be printed clearly.

Also service which can print in inside the message which differ at a time in one person, and an address again.

, of course, in addition to the usual postcard cost, printing cost etc. start, but considering time and effort etc., on-line, a New Year’s card can be built finely easily.

which wants to write and post an address and a message by itself

Probably, a direction to load with a feeling in one’s handwriting will be good to put in and post a brush to the thing which placed an order for a design on-line, and had the postcard sent to a house.
It seems that there is much delivery at the shortest as three business days.


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