How to take photos of a beautiful Fireworks

Describes how to take photos of a beautiful display of fireworks.


  1. Want to leave a beautiful display of fireworks photos.
    Though not well.
    And crazy photography, deliberately fireworks show could not afford the
    What does not?
    Comments:(17) sign in to as beautiful memories taken beautiful Fireworks, beautifully.

    You can easily, so-called ordinary digital camera.

    What you need
    -Digital camera ( compact digital camera OK )
    Enjoy the fireworks and spirit
    To watch the fireworks and camera batteries and brushed.
    What is authentic-sounding tripod or DSLR cameras, such as to

    From addicted to camera should I buy?


    Part 1 to determine the direction and height Fireworks
    Look in the eye of the long-awaited 1 fireworks.
    At the same time and enjoy the Fireworks rise how much height, or

    Also, make sure any direction up.

    2 Change the camera settings-photo mode
    In short, is a “poor gun hit number also Chan win” strategy.
    Press the shutter button at any time if it also While shooting continues.

    Gonna take a piece about favorites.

    3 Press the shutter button and open the Fireworks

    This time, let’s try to move the hand as possible.
    Bure is prevention.
    Have a camera in their hands tighten aside, went with friends

    Various way back and shoulder to elbow, etc.

    Leave only the photo unflattering review after the 4, like
    Camera monitor or review the home or the PC. Find your favorite pictures while soaking up memories,.


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