Well how photogenic

Such worries when photographs such as photogenic is bad, take a photo and look thicker, is ツキモノ.
Introducing reflects photo more thinly gracefully, more in that way. Maybe you 写れる beautiful model like this!

Method 1 reflects the small faces

When photograph taken face great hate.
Even small face can shoot way.
When taking the easy way is squatting down to shooting up from a low position. This alone makes small face.

How 2 reflects the small faces

When photographs must be in the middle and listened a little face next to the 写りましょう.
Look slimmer than reflects on both sides.
It’s both sides of the camera lens
The distortion and slightly is expansion next May.
On the characteristics of lenses, also expands on the diagonal. Face a little bit longer by cant face next to the expansion.

How to model wind reflects

Hair dryer is windblown hair style commonly used in model shoots, also at home easily.

Way reflects.

When photographs are photogenic little cute I want to know.
So much cute reflects when the trick is.
The first face is rather squarely, and bias reflects.
And so decisive turn those camera hairstyle diagonally to direction.
And pull the Chin, Kami doing little. Looks cute, face clearly and it’s impact.


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