How to use spray lacquer

Spray lacquer is affordable and convenient but surprisingly difficult paint will be hanging. Reason for taking the time to do what makes a beautiful. Because there is a beautiful painting is performed little tricks, tricks, please help.

Materials required

  • Spray lacquer
  • Newspaper


  1. Nice to ( substrate ) Institute first paint colors. If rusty rust drop pretty on paper, etc..
    Because colors get shedding oil, etc., if with 落としましょう oil is clean. The lacquer spray cans better, colors can often 混ぜましょう. Usually Caracalla and sound then. Minute is very hard to shake.
  2. Please test injection. Newspaper, spraying paint finely atomized, coming out is.
    I think good to practice applying at the time. Practice, practice like the parallel exercise away paint from about 15 Cm. And I think speed paint is better in speed to move 30 Cm about one second long. While timing press the spray nozzle is moving spray it press. When you release it when running keep away.
  3. After enough practice do production.
    About finishes about 2-3 times, while thin sterile fill 重ねましょう. Will surely 垂れず to clean the painting is performed.

Notes and tips

  • When you are moving the spray thing press the nozzle.
  • Hovers thinly painted while sterile.


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