[Pet] play with small animals

Easy to 飼えて lovely small animal is a popular pet. However, it is not good too much regardless what cute from.

Small animal public simple and easy to take care of it.
I’m being healed by an endearing sight, will want to give playing together. However, maybe different greatly nothing physical people and small animals. We’ll play small they fit.
Started first the shepherds as possible while the third, here without doing anything.
At a minimum, such as the health check, get familiar with the environment. Fourth slowly let touches from the eyes.
Morning noon night increments of 15 minutes is standard. Around 8, has been used?
One day you 4 times, 1 time 20 minutes limit. From 2 weeks after day 5 times, up to about 25 minutes. You can measure too long you’ll playing 30 minutes long.
However, not long after birth children and timid child has. Look at the personality and physical condition, like 押し付けない at your own convenience I’ll play.


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