Aquarium-satellite with one easy grade up Crystal red shrimp

Crystal red shrimp is in the shade of color and expression pattern of various grades, price and value therefore depends on. Aquarium is a book you sorting to upgrade yourself to. But say he hoped exuberant Aquarium home upgrade or it isn’t. Fixed expressions are difficult, can upgrade as the intensity of color is enough one tank by using satellite.

Materials required

  • Exuberant Aquarium rearing environment is
  • Medium-sized satellite x 2


  1. Maintain a Crystal red shrimp number of approximately 100 breeding tank is a prerequisite, and set two satellites (in size) and tank, liking creates the environment in the satellite. I 1 cm soil absorption systems, put small driftwood and Willow Moss, is smiling Limnobium laevigatum.
  2. Up to 10 ranked much lower, and two satellite A and B respectively, dark colors from this tank up as top ten of the population into A satellite, satellite B. If you thought 100 dogs across I good and is A satellite to satellite 10% B 10% guideline.
  3. Replenish the darkest individuals once incubated in A satellite of this tank, not incubated in the book tank population a satellite. And good stores sell individual satellite b are as selective leakage, bred and still continues to make the swap as in populations overall is good, always with this tank B satellite in satellite B 10 ranked lower. The individual satellite b and incubated it should back this tank.
  4. If you continue this grade of the population of the entire Aquarium go selection dark things fast.

Notes and tips

  • If you do this in expression must have a tank for this kind of representation of each.
  • Go to become blood thickens to introduce exuberant somewhere when a different, smaller and weaker individuals.


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