How to build a homebrew bottom filter in tropical fish breeding

And get accustomed to the tropical fish breeding, is something will want to make equipment using it yourself. Isn’t especially different kinds and for filtration equipment, which was often do. So introduce the recipe I make good bottom filters.

Materials required

  • Seedbed
  • Vinyl chloride pipe
  • ビニルエルボ chloride
  • Air tube
  • Air pump
  • Earth tones
  • Grogan


  1. First, buy vinyl chloride pipe for horticultural nursery tank’s size to fit your home center and, like weight and chloride ビニルエルボ can connect to it.
  2. Nursery space down the hole in the thickness of the vinyl chloride pipe size. Vinyl chloride pipe there, connect in Gorgan.
  3. Space down the hole and connect the chloride ビニルエルボ at the top of the pipe, air tubes through pyramid.
  4. Through the air tubes from the holes in the elbows, is completed at the end of earth tones.

Notes and tips

  • And 下ろさないで earth tone height until the nursery does not stop at the bottom of the pipe, the bubbles come from the bottom floor.


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