How to reduce hair set hours of the morning

Bedhead awful morning, good hair settled well may be. Introduce an easy way to reduce the time to set the hair.


  1. Who sleep badly, let’s review the multiply the dryer.
    Originally, tosses attach firmly put dryer hair said.
    Or over dryer hair and outside, from bath boot/grub/menu.lst inadvertently or not, or sleeping intact?
    Also, could probably from hairdryer heat damage to the hair of unbiased,.
    It is actually better dryer made more unbiased. And say why the membrane to protect the hair cuticle is called open wet hair. Trash traveling there in wet the cuticle easy and non-existent reduced is by friction.
    Therefore, prevents the disorder of the hair by using a hair dryer.
    However, it also put too much dryer also hurts the hair.
    If you unfold the hair and can sleep less hair?
    It depends on the usage of cleaning and dryer of hair.
    Instead of after you went up from the bath, rub scrub with a towel, gently so no friction between hair towels, little by little takes the moisture.
    Tooled to reduce the time spent on the dryer as firmly keep to Li. Dryer takes from the base. Root > Middle > order of hair.
    When lifting hair root before worrying. At this time, let’s make hair dryer is keeping away while moving lower, moderate focus. And say why, to prevent the heat hit has been the same who ran a small location, you can reduce the pain is.
    Is to prevent the close distance to keep it hot and too much. And, let me make this dryer to work quickly. And too focused on thermal hair hurts.


Tosses and gently, and set times can be reduced and review how to multiply a hair-dryer, think like this. And that too not bothering dryer ever more try may be easier morning.


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