[Beauty] efficient use of perfumes

Well put on perfume and techniques
-How to maximize the perfume -Don’t wear perfume body locations and point to
We introduce these.

Techniques to good perfume

“Fragrance rises, perfume, from the bottom on, be warmed and fragrant become better features.
Well put on perfume, you take advantage of this feature.
Choose a location for high-temperature, click several places until the body from the waist up point. PEAR converts by the concentration of the aromas.
On 1 and 2 optimal degree points in standard finger perfume if according atomizer, spray a little extra amount on the line, takes the Palm colon, I would wear Pasha, the Pasha in the sense of respect. However, only applied to please be careful.

How to maximize the perfume

Perfume, fragrance start change from the moment you cut the sealing.
Is half can save the original scent remains. 2-3 Years and that may deteriorate.
Concentration or thick scent to become unstable life.
Is like waiting for alteration and without perfume be crowding it.
It is best to exhausted as soon as possible, and to read once you get.
Storing nice shady place is being used,
It also replaced the atomizer good perfume usage.
Aroma dying when a blast into the handy atomizer. When storing the tightly closed bottle mouth, out of it into a bin is ideal.

Don’t wear perfume body locations and precautions

Where the first don’t wear perfume in the skin is sweaty. Sometimes be spotted by perfume, UV, do not hit the note.
The behind the ear, nape, arms, wrists, waist, tensing, knee, ankle and? point on body There is also a stylish lingerie, handkerchief, click it, enjoy the aroma, way.


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