Enjoy the new drum [one-man Orchestra]

Drum, without scales, such as the piano or guitar, You cannot usually plays the melody.
But, put out by Melody only drums, Japan Person skilled threat has.
“Akira Jimbo the person,” and I’m here.

Introduction of Akira Jimbo

Jimbo says worked in Cassiopeia, representing the Japan fusion band It is admitted from abroad Japan world-class drummer.
Extremely fast drumming is good, from the looks of the drumming Is “1000” nickname also.
System of Government Jimbo Akira official website

One-man Orchestra

Use electronic drum pad one-man Orchestra, and in addition to the regular drum set.
Electronic drum pad and during each beat to put such as specific timbre, pitch, chord
MIDI trigger system incorporates drum and without electronic Pat thumb boy crazy by tapping the Drum is, of course, Melody until playing in real time.
Watch a one-man Orchestra??



And transcend the concept that is ticking rhythm instruments and drums I’ve 見惚れて nothing exciting.
No losses at once isn’t either.



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