[Music] Encouraging buying CDs and organize

It is encouraging buying CDs and organize.

Let’s watch the shop.

Those can afford a time CD shop,
You could watch the CD are even slightly interested,
Let audience fast. Sometimes unexpectedly find meets their music often.

Is your rental.

Your rental is worrisome.
Price is is priced very recent rental is a.
In addition, some shops you can rent if rented together more intimate. Let’s rent those who want to listen to a lot.

Let’s watch the online shop.

When you bought online shop
 Looking for a site you can watch, let viewers prior to purchase.
Songs, because there is a site for a few seconds to watch The decision to buy, so you understand roughly what will.

How to organize a lot of

And there is a separate lot genre

You can quickly find the atmosphere you want to listen to.
And in addition, the same artist also summarized Easier to find.



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