Portrait taking impressive camera phone!

Photos of family and friends taken by mobile camera true…
Somehow “normal” only?
And securely 写そう the whole distance of everywhere, put people mainly from the background behind the want to show and falls back down, subject and background fit firmly taking Patel. Why not? Character and background turned to somehow “normal” too…? Teach it techniques taking impressive, stepped out from the “ordinary” little idea.

Portrait taking impressive camera phone… That way, rather than had ever “take away” is the fact that “take a closer. And 写そう figures and background firmly both equally, and, often at half, this impression is half… real.
For example, upon taking the children are standing one side spreading flower garden, and much people end half of the mobile screen. Hopefully, anymore or face-up is good.
May none the less lovely and let it flower flowers hands, and to get it near the face.
And half the landscape.
Flower, so is or and you children taller low and have little squatting, 写せます seated flowers bloom at the height of the eyes slightly.
Think only children of main, face search and auto focus enables mobile, takes care little to brightness Pinto comes to the child’s face.


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