Balance photography

See who often take on street corners, parks and scenic. So say most people camera “hand,” hard “them up”, has taken photos.
And such photos are ranked after photo photography know that what is not? And not to take photos I balance doesn’t make sense. Before taking pictures,? what if they thought better always should we drew will to press the shutter button. When taking pictures is about attitude.

Kyoto’s famous still in the beautiful location of the temple, and joyful face is taking pictures guys.
Directly under the clean Thursday until bother going to clean leaves and flowers “them up” in is taken. Purpose of taking pictures at all, should be able and if so, take the scene where it does not touch the everyday, so good place, which was later ranked.
However, and took up photography?? Pictorial photography in the flower shop where I took, or taken in plants will be. Is no longer in good locations or thoughts.
Photo balance, should take found only around features and its place in the balance. Therefore, consider the photos means in situ. Without thinking, and taking or intuitive is useless. After is clean there, stay away there, shoot from afar.
If you take a picture from a distance, how do I take? Is a float ideas and nature.


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