Type of image processing

When processing images in your PC, what do you use? And many, such as GIF, PNG, JPEG. Use any good? Because each feature, let me to pick what was the purpose.


-JPEG Colors are numerous.
Can be adjusted, such as 16 Bit and 32-Bit. To adjust the image degradation in
Color depth is 256 colors. When more than 256 colors to convert colors, adjust the image.
-PNG GIF and almost the same.
Little image size would be heavy. Seen freeware license free because, unlike GIF.
-BMP Uncompressed. Because the weight with one image is perishing as converting a JPEG and GIF.


JPEG is facing such as color photos. GIF and PNG are facing conversely less depth and character.
To GIF using many colors that it kept up to 256 colors, deterioration becomes violent.
JPEG with less depth to reverse the degrading the image to adjust the picture’s not suited for. Muddied and character processing in JPEG.


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