I want to take photos of children well! [Photographs] hen

I want to take your child cute! And it is
I think if the parents think everyone.

Introducing the capture facial expressions this time regardless of the type of camera , good children ‘s tricks .
?? Child “here look” “laugh” is a dirty word
I think and not a natural smile people asked anybody, “laughing”. Children and becomes all the more is. Taking pictures from laughing!
 And without the events said,
 When children crazy or something, enjoying quiet Shutter chance and look nice.
撮れなくて smiles easily but
 Seriously , go crying face looking take the face, back and profile Interesting photos may take.
System of Government have children and 1 vs 1
While playing with the children, taking pictures is quite difficult for the industry.
 Family and brothers, and if people can play together as friends , So concentrate on taking pictures on the side, will be easier to mirror natural expression.
Know the lag until the shutter expires??
Expression of the people is a change in an instant.
 Is a facial expression of laugh at everything different seconds.
 It really the camera shutter button press photos
 Take up a 0… differ by several seconds. If the auto-focus , such as extra time-consuming.
Instead of taking time and “So laugh!
“The trick is to press the shutter button at the time. One hand is any continuous shooting features , try it.
So I take a lot of very early, take photos of your child’s guess!


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