[Newbie] sliding ski about

I think as typical of winter sport, skiing. Is self-taught, and introduced ski sliding towards.


  1. Means first of all, never done skiing better let’s move had skis with crab walk.
    Crab walk steadily forward is definitely go up the lift.
    Far risen up in the lift, absent such people too hard.
    Where people have go to be annoying, and also dangerous because as soon as possible, in the crawling. Once the first skis ha of-shaped.
    Not so fast would proceed.
    So willing to bend the knees, lightly in Crouch stance, forward!


    Forward somewhat, now slowly try bent.
    Bow is the direction of bending legs ( turn right if you want to right foot ) to put on weight,
    Gasping for air and slow turnaround to bring the other leg.
    Straight, also repeat the exercises that turn, and somehow will be like 曲がれる. The skis are HA’s character to keep.
    Not accustomed to from the
    Is dangerous to speed on straight skis.

    Now continue to curve loose little by little.
    And the speed is also stable, accustomed to safe state will build And naturally able to ski right. To be will boards between narrow gradually from it.


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