Tips to drive a motorcycle in the town of No.3

So far always paying attention to the surrounding and driving dangers, such as not only the non-existent hangs on mousetrap. To work around it….

Than when running out of the speed motorcycle care prefer it hangs on the mousetrap as often does not feel good humor often running at?
Aimlessly is running is not good. It is point analysis and judgment surrounding circumstances, concentrated attention depending on the time to run.
For example, many lanes wide straight roads. Slow speed limit road to easy-to-run. Way more than many cars. Immediately after the speed limit have changed, prefectures road. Wat Expressway and viaduct. Site speed goes is where these natural unconsciously.
The road regularly planted shrubbery beside the trail long distance. Radar also hide the appearance of a great place is so please mind.
Also, obediently slowing down or local cars, taxis and trucks is running to suddenly slowly felt was running out, and run. It is most likely information you already know you guys.


Experience comes up, to come and is able to determine a dangerous State or location or nature I think. Kindest I want to thank through driving until it is.


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